How’d you like the new site?

My first f/f story was recently published in Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex For Lesbians, from Cleis Press. In the first place, I’m honoured to have earned a place in a Cleis Press anthology, and in the second, this means I’ve now published smut of f/f, m/m, and het persuasions, which makes me happy. I like to think it earns me super smut credentials or something. At any rate, it seemed a milestone that deserved to be marked with a new site. Googlesites are great, but they can be a little isolationist. WordPress is where it’s at. My thanks go to my friend Stella Harris for setting it up for me — check her out over at!

In other exciting news, I’ve just returned edits for my m/m/m novella, Triage, coming soon from Dreamspinner. So look out for that in the near future — but not before my short novella — or long-short, as I like to call them — comes out over at Torquere Press. The Kaiser Account is due for publication on June 20. I also heard back on Monday that my short story, Interlude For The Troops, will be in the Cleis Press anthology Best Bondage Erotica 2013 when it comes out in December. It’s all go here! 

As for what’s next…well. I have some ideas. 😉 


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