Forthcoming Novella: In Balance With This Life

I’ve just received the publication date — February 17th — for my forthcoming novella, In Balance With This Life, so it must be time to talk about it here. I’m very proud of this one. It’s not the usual format — it’s not a romance as such: there isn’t any straightforward love story, and it isn’t a complete story, either — I loved these guys and this format so much that I definitely left room for a sequel, if this goes down well.

I’ve been very interested in the RAF for almost as long as I can remember, so it really took very little new research to come out with a novella that casts a light on the Battle of Britain. There are four main characters in this one, really; two older guys (Jeff and Sean) who fought in the First World War, and two younger ones, Jimmy and Filip, who represent the international nature of the band who formed the Battle of Britain’s WW2 crew. I absolutely loved writing this novella. I hope people will enjoy reading it just as much.


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